Surf Karma - Share the Waves
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Surf Karma cares about supporting a united and sustainable approach to surfing. We are concerned about increasing reports of surf rage and overcrowding, about the hits and near misses because someone has knowingly or unknowingly placed others in danger and where the joy of surfing is diminished by over-competitiveness amongst surfers and between different surf craft users.

To embrace the spirit of Surf Karma we acknowledge that our own behaviour and attitude in the water will be returned to us by others. So if we become more generous, more patient and supportive…if we share the waves, we will get this back from others. Surf Karma is a reminder to stay composed and chilled in the line up, especially if things get tense.

To spread the Surf Karma message we are active on social media and also have a small range of quality organic and fair trade surf products that you can buy here on line or (soon) from selected independent surf shops. Surf Karma products are designed and produced locally on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.


Surf Karma Dharma (repeat before each surf)
Live Karma - Surf Karma - Share the waves.