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Surf Etiquette

Surfers Code
Endorsed by Surfing Queensland, Surfrider Foundation and Gold Coast City Council    


Give respect

To get respect


  1. Right of Way
    The surfer furthest on the inside or closest to the peak has right of way. It’s their wave.
  2. Do not…
    Drop in on a surfer who has right of way.
    Snake a surfer by paddling inside or in front of them to catch a wave.
  3. Paddling out
    Paddle out wide of the break to avoid paddling through any surfer’s line on the wave. If you get caught inside, stay in the white water.
  4. Remember to communicate
    Communicate if you are going left or right
  5. Always…
    Surf within your ability – no big waves until you are ready. 
    Paddle hard and take off with commitment.
  6. Danger
    Do not let go of your board.


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